Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New 2011 Online Lockout Tagout Safety Catalogue

Hi just to let you know that Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd's new 2011 Online safety catalogue is now available to download. To view click on the following link
The catalogue covers all aspects of industrial plant safety including a wide range of safety padlocks, lockout kits, lockout stations to help comply with safety legislation. If you would like a hard copy of this catalogue please email


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  3. We never had lockouts before accident that has place in the 2014. Now twice a year we need to have lockouts in order to have our safety on decent level. Therefore, every year we had at least 2 team builds with my team, if you know what I mean.) However, my boss told me that I would be promoted soon. I will be in charge of these lockout things… So, now I preparing for it, by using google and talking with guys who are usually making it. Your website is really helping me with that. It’s obvious not as good as tutorial for reflective essay but still good enough. Still better than Dave and Bill advices about it.